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13-Day The Fantastic Panda Trip
Starts: Beijing;                                                                                           Ends: Shanghai
Tour Itinerary: Beijing / Xian / Chengdu / Shanghai / Suzhou / Shanghai;   Duration: 13 Days & 12 Nights

This 13-day China tour of Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Shanghai, Tongli and Suzhou offers you everything from a high-speed cosmopolitan experience to the timeless peace of an ancient temple. You will visit Chengdu, home to the Giant Panda, and home to some of the country's spiciest cuisine. You will experience Xian, steeped in history and culture, before returning to Beijing where your journey began.


  • Tian An Men Square
  •  Forbidden City
  •  Hutong Tour
  •  Former Residence of Soong Ching Ling
  • The Great Wall (Mutianyu Section)
  •  Ding Tomb
  • Sacred Way
  • The Temple of Heaven
  • Xi’an City Wall
  • The Muslim Quarters
  • The Great Mosque
  •  Big Wild Goose Pagoda
  • Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses
  • The Shaanxi Provincial Museum
  • Sanxingdui Museum.
  • Du Fu's Thatched Roof Cottage
  •  Wenshu Temple
  • Face Changing Show
  • Giant Panda Breeding Research Base
  • The Yuyuan Garden
  •  French Concession – lilong
  • Jinmao Tower
  • Boat trip on the Huang Pu River
  • European Styled Bund
  • Ancient Water Town – Tongli.  
  • Lion Forest Garden
  • Humble Administrator's Garden
  • Guanqian Ancient Street
Starts: Beijing;                                                                                           Ends: Shanghai
Tour Itinerary: Beijing / Xian / Chengdu / Shanghai / Suzhou / Shanghai;   Duration: 13 Days & 12 Nights

Day 1: Beijing Arrival

  • Arrival in Beijing Airport, you’ll be warmly welcomed by your private guide and transferred to your hotel adjusting the jet lag.
  • Overnight in Beijing 

Day 2: Beijing (B, L)

  • Depart from your hotel to visit Tian An Men Square, one of the largest public square. Then enter the Forbidden City. You will also see the treasure house inside.
  • Afterwards, take a pedi-cab tour of Beijing’s Hutong (traditional alleyways), visit siheyuan (traditional courtyard homes) and learn traditional Chinese activities (paper cutting, dumplings cooking, etc.). Your last stop will be the Former Residence of Soong Ching Ling
  • Overnight in Beijing 

Day 3: Beijing (B, L)

  • Morning pick up and transfer to visit the Great Wall (Mutianyu Section), one of the world's architectural marvels. You will also take a cable car to view the beautiful landscape.
  • Afterwards, transfer to visit one of the thirteen Ming Tombs – Ding Tomb and the Sacred Way, which means the road leading to heaven.
  • Overnight in Beijing

Day 4: Beijing – Xi’an (B, L)

  • Flight: TBA
  • In the morning, transfer to visit the Temple of Heaven-the imperial construction for Emperors to pray to Heaven for a good harvest. It is a masterpiece of 15th century architecture set within an extensive park and enclosed by walls.
  • After lunch served at local restaurant, you will be transferred to catch the onward flight to Xian.
  • Upon arrival in Xian, your private guide will pick you up and take you to the hotel for rest.
  • Overnight in Xi'an

Day 5: Xi’an (B, L)

  • Your stay in Xian starts with taking a walk along Xi’an City Wall. Then you will stroll around the Muslim Quarters. Next you will visit the Great Mosque, which is the largest and best preserved of the early mosques of China and was built primarily in the Ming Dynasty.
  • Finally you will visit Big Wild Goose Pagoda built in Tang Dynasty.
  • Overnight in Xi'an

Day 6: Xi’an - Chengdu (B, L)

  • Flight: TBA
  • Morning drive to visit the Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Dynasty are praised as "the eighth miracle of the world".
  • After lunch in the afternoon, your tour guide will bring you to the visit the Shaanxi Provincial Museum (closed on Mondays), a treasure trove of archaeological and historical unearthed from historical Shaanxi.
  • Transfer to the airport and catch the flight to Chengdu.
  • Upon arrival in Chengdu, your private friendly guide will greet you at the airport and transfer you to the hotel for rest.
  • Overnight in Chengdu

Day 7: Chengdu (B, L)

  • Morning visit Sanxingdui Museum.
  • In the afternoon, visit Du Fu's Thatched Roof Cottage, Wenshu Temple & its Tea house 
  • In the evening, transfer to enjoy the incredible Face Changing Show (8 pm-9:30 pm).
  • Overnight in Chengdu 

Day 8: Chengdu (B, L)

  • Full day to be a volunteer at the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base, where you will encounter one of the most endangered animals in the world, the giant panda, along with its equally endearing cousin, the lesser red panda.
  • *It's around 50 minutes driving from the downtown to the panda base.*
  • Overnight in Chengdu

Day 9: Chengdu – Shanghai (B, L )

  • Flight: TBA
  • Morning drive to Leshan (*It’s about 150km driving for 2.5hs.*) , this immense carving was begun in 713 AD by a Buddhist monk engineer/fund-raiser in hopes of stopping the deaths of boatmen who were often lost in a swirling hollow where the Dadu and Min rivers meet.
  • Then a boat on Min River will provide you with further views of the Grand Buddha.
  • After sightseeing, transfer to the airport and catch the flight to Shanghai.
  • Upon arrival in Shanghai, the local guide will pick you up and transfer to the hotel for rest.
  • Overnight in Shanghai

Day 10: Shanghai (B, L)

  • Morning pick up to visit the Yuyuan Garden, a beautifully preserved example of a Ming dynasty garden nestling among the throngs of the Old Town.
  • Then transfer to visit the French Concession – lilong and take a bird eye view of Shanghai at the top of Jinmao Tower
  • In the evening take a Boat trip on the Huang Pu River for about 40 minutes. Stroll along the Shanghai waterfront – the European styled Bund
  • Overnight in Shanghai

Day 11: Shanghai – Tongli – Suzhou (B, L)

  • Morning transfer to visit the famous Ancient Water Town – Tongli
  • On reaching Suzhou, visit the Lion Forest Garden (with a history of more than 650 years). Because there were a lot of grotesque rocks in the garden resembling lions, the garden was thus named the Lion Forest. With an area of 10,000 square meters, this garden has had the reputation as the "Kingdom of Rockery" for a long time.
  • *it's only one hour by vehicle from Shanghai to Tongli and Suzhou to Shanghai*
  • Overnight in Suzhou

Day 12: Suzhou – Shanghai (B, L)

  • A full day trip to the Humble Administrator's Garden (Zhuozheng Yuan) which was built in the early 16th century.
  • Afternoon visit Guanqian Ancient Street, Silk Factory (discover the procedure how silk from silkworm) and take a 40-minutes' boat trip on the ancient canal, then transfer back to Shanghai for rest.
  • Overnight in Shanghai

Day 13: Shanghai Departure (B)

  • Breakfast served at hotel.
  • Time at leisure until transfer for your flight back home.
  • End of service

Price Information:

Tour Duration: 13 Days / 12 Nights
Tour Operates: Year Round / On Demand

Tour package price per person in cash

Room Type
Package Price
Standard Room
Standard Room
Standard Room
Standard Room

Included Service:

  • All domestic flights in economy class incl. airport tax and fuel surcharge.
  • All private transfers with air-conditioned vehicle.
  • Private, English speaking guide service.
  • Accommodation with breakfast (2 persons sharing 1 room).
  • All entrance fee for all sights.
  • All meals mentioned in the program
  • (B: breakfast, L: lunch)

Excluded Service:

  • Dinner
  • Tips for tour guide, driver and hotel porter.
  • All expenses not mentioned above.

Passport & Visa:

The passengers are responsible for all visas, entry documents, health and other requirements and any documents required by laws, regulations, orders and/or requirements of countries visited. All passengers traveling in China and other Asian countries require a Passport, valid for at least 6 months beyond the conclusion of their trip, and with appropriate visas. Multiple-entry visas are required if the passengers need to reenter the country. It is the responsibility of each passenger to have a valid Passport and necessary visas, as well as to comply with entry, health or other requirements of the countries visited. The Operators and agents are not responsible for passport, visa requirements, entry, health or other requirements of the countries visited or for any loss sustained by you for failing to comply with laws, regulations, orders and/or requirements of countries visited.
China tourist visa is L visa issued for a stay of short duration, usually 30 days, but not more than 90 days, and can not be extended upon expiration.

Climate & Clothing: 

Unless you have a need for formal or dressy clothes, jeans, slacks, shorts, shirts, blouses and T-shirts will do fine.
A comfortable pair of walking shoes is a must. You will be doing a great deal of walking both in the rural and urban areas of China.
Bring a swimming suit if you wish to swim. Many hotels have a swimming pool. Sun block, sunglasses and a light hat are also suggested items.
In spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) you will need a lined jacket, woolen sweater or light coat. In summer (June to August) cool cotton garments are recommended. In winter (December to February) a fleece jacket, sweatshirt, or heavy sweater will probably keep you warm enough in the south, but in the north a heavy woolen coat or down parka is a must.
It is often rainy in late spring and late summer, especially in the southern part of China, so bring some rainwear with you, or you can buy it at your destination.

Beat Jetlag on China Tours: 

Get plenty of rest before your trip. Starting out sleep-deprived makes jet lag worse. If you're traveling east, try going to bed one hour earlier each night for a few days before your departure. Go to bed one hour later for several nights if you're flying west.
Drink plenty of water before, during and after your flight to counteract the dehydrating effects of bone-dry cabin air. It's not clear whether dehydration actually causes jet lag, as some experts maintain, but there's no doubt it makes symptoms worse. For the same reason, avoid alcohol and caffeine, both of which dehydrate you further.
Move around during the flight, walk up and down, do some stretching exercises, to keep the blood circulating, and keep the joints from stiffening. While seated, swirl your ankles around from time to time.
Try to sleep on the plane if it is nighttime at your destination. Earplugs, headphones and eye masks can help block out noise and light. If it's day where you're going, resist the urge to sleep.
Set your watch to the new time before you leave. Once you reach your destination, try not to sleep until nighttime, no matter how tired you are.
Finally, if you just cannot resist and your eyelids are drooping and you feel more and more tired, then set you alarm for four hours, have a hot bath, and jump into bed.

Luggage Allowance for China Tours

Free Baggage Allowance in Weigh
On international and regional flights, the free baggage allowance for each published adult-fare or half-fare passenger is as follows:
First class ticket: 40 kilogram (88 pounds)
Business class ticket: 30 kilogram (66 pounds)
Economy class fare ticket: 20 kilogram (44 pounds)
No free baggage allowance is granted to infants paying 10% of the adult fare.

Free Baggage Allowance by pieces
The free baggage allowance by pieces is applicable only on China-USA and China-Canada international flights. According to the class of tickets, the free baggage allowance for each full-fare of half-fare first-class and business-class passenger is two pieces, and the sum of the length, width and height of each piece must not exceed 62 in. (158cm). The free baggage allowance for each economy-class and discounted tourist-class passenger is two pieces, and the sum of the length, width and height of each piece must not exceed 62 in. (158cm). The sum of the length, width and height of the two pieces of baggage must not exceed 107 in. (273cm); the weight of each piece must not exceed 32 kg. An infant paying 10% of the adult fare is allowed one piece of free baggage, and the sum of its length, width and height must not exceed 45 in. (115cm). In addition, a collapsible infant carriage or stroller is allowed to be carried free. If baggage exceeds the free baggage allowance in pieces, or the sum of the length, width and height of each piece exceeds the prescribed limits, an excess baggage charge must be paid.

Carry on Baggage
In addition to the free baggage allowance in weight, each passenger holding a full-fare or half-fare ticket may carry the following articles: a lady's handbag, an overcoat, a raincoat or a traveling blanket, a walking stick or an umbrella, a small amount of reading material for the trip, a small camera, a pair of small binoculars, infant's food for consumption in flight, an infant's carrying basket, a fully collapsible wheelchair, a pair of braces or artificial limbs. In addition to the free baggage allowance in pieces, regardless of the fare class of the ticket, the passenger may also carry hand baggage that can be placed under the passenger seat, and the sum of the length, width and height of all the pieces must not exceed 45 in. (115cm).