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Beijing / Hohhot / Beijing
The Naadam Grassland festival is a magnificent event featuring traditional Mongolian group recreational and sports activities. It is held between Summer and Autumn from July to August when the flowers are blooming, the grass is green, and the cattle and sheep are well-fed.Tourists can participate in, and watch horse racing, wrestling, and archery. You can enjoy the singing and dancing...
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Beijing / Hohhot / XilamurenGrassland / Hohhot / Beijing
The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, bordering to the north with both the Republic of Mongolia and Russia, is the widest province in China (by its latitude). It features vast grasslands and nomadic traditions of the Mongol people.
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Beijing / Ulaanbaatar / Beijing
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Beijing / Ulaanbaatar / Terelj / Kharkhorin / Tsetserleg / TsenkherSum / NuutsTovchoo / Ulaanbaatar / Beijing
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