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Club Med Cherating Beach is located on the eastern coastline of Malaysia and resembles a tropical Eden on the shores of a jade colored sea. With its bungalows on stilts nestling among luxurious vegetation, this 197 acre Club Med Resort beats to the rhythm of the macaws, gibbons, giant lizards, rare species of birds and multicolored butterflies.
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Langkawi Island is an archipelago of 104 islands lying along the north west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The exact location of these tropical islands is at the site where the Straits of Malacca meets the waters of the Andaman Seas. The largest of these islands is called Langkawi Island and is bigger than the Penang Island. The other islands in this group are: Island of Pregnant...
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Malaysia is really like two countries in one, divided in half by the South China Sea. The peninsula is a multicultural buffet of Malay, Chinese and Indian flavors while Borneo hosts a wild jungle smorgasbord of orangutans, granite peaks and remote tribes. Within and throughout these two very different regions are an impressive variety of microcosms ranging from the space-age high-rises...
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