About Us

Global-Easy-Tour Team is a travel specialist, well-known for its professional and reliable services. With over a decade's expertise we are among the very few to offer unique and broad-scoped trips at reasonable rates. Our mission is to provide foreign visitors, foreign residents and international company/organizations in China with great travel experiences and memorable tours.

The scope of our services:

  • Tailor-made domestic and international tours
  • World-wide flight and hotel reservation
  • Culture and holiday packages
  • Cruise vacations
  • Visa advice and assistance

Why Choose Us?

Our greatest assets are our talent pool, including the most qualified staff, guides and drivers. In addition, we've built effective partnerships with hotels, airlines and local tour partners to bring our clients excellent value. We offer the most innovative and well-planned tours possible. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that all clients have great experiences. That's why we enjoy a great reputation and repeat business from so many of our clients.

Over the past ten years, we've challenged ourselves to provide the best service and the most interesting and unique tours possible for our clients. On top of the customized and unique tours that we provide, our team also focuses on every detail. Every tour guide and restaurant is carefully selected to guarantee high quality. You can view our professional tour guides' information and characteristic restaurants on our website, as well. We're confident that we can give you more of what you want in a tour, with fewer of the hassles and inconveniences that you might experience with less-established agencies.

We invite you to try our service and and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised: the choice agency for many VIP clients, including foreign embassies!



Our personalized tours are planned with plenty of time to set your own pace and enough flexibility for you to enjoy some of the quaint and unique things you will discover.

Excellent Value

We benefit from an extensive network of long-standing relationships with our local partners; including hotels, shops, restaurants, rental property companies, and transport companies. We are in position to negotiate substantial discounts on your behalf.

Peace of Mind

We can provide route-planning, transport, baggage handling and all your accommodation along the route. Our friendly and informed guides can arrange every aspect of your tour. This means you can enjoy the scenery without the hassle of a heavy pack or worries about where to stay.

Compact Tour

When designing a tour itinerary, we try to put ourselves in your shoes. We will pre-evaluate every detail; including hotels, attraction sites, travel routes, and restaurants. We will balance their benefits with your specific needs and cut out the unnecessary components.

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The Global Easy Tour Location

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The Global Easy Tour Location

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Our Location

Global Easy Tour Team Beijing Office
Add: A611 Free Town Business Tower, No.58 East 3rd Ring South Rd, Chaoyang District, Beijing, P. R. China 100022

  • If you come by subway, just get off at Jinsong Station, Subway Line 10. Take Exit B,on your left hand, you'll see the Free Town Business building. Our office is at Room 0611 in Tower A  on 6th floor.
  • If you can not find our office, please feel free to give us a call and we can guide you to the place.

Global Easy Tour China
'Tel: (+8610) 5867 2900 / 01 / 02 / 03 
,Fax: (+8610) 5867 2910
Cell : (+86) 135 0115 6019
* Email: info@globaleasytour.com

The Global Easy Tour Team

The Team (from left to right)

  • Jerry Wang
  • Emily Wang
  • Ida Xia
  • Susan Ding
  • Cathy Yang 
  • Lixia Fang 
  • Jinsong Liu
  • Yili Zhang
  • Winnie Chow
  • Mingyue Liu 
  • Li Hong
  • Nancy Pu
  • Wang Jin


  • Peggy Meng (English)

    Hi, I'm Peggy! I'm a local Beijinger with many years of experience as a professional licensed tour guide. I love Beijing and truly enjoy showing visitors all of the wonderful places and sights that Beijing has to offer. I've given tours to people from many countries around the world, and they always recommend me to their friends and family. I was the main guide for the Czech Olympic Team when they came to Beijing for the '08 Olympics, and they thoroughly enjoyed their stay in Beijing. I have excellent English language skills, a rich knowledge of local history and culture, and a great sense of humor! I always work hard to give visitors the best possible tours, and to ensure that they have great memories of their time in China.

    In 2001, I received my Mandarin Tour Guide License
    In 2003, I received my English Language Tour Guide License
    In 2007, I graduated with a degree in Law from the People's University

  • Jason Liu (English)

    July 2000, Graduated from Xi'an Foreign Language University

    2004, English advanced interpretation training in Beijing Foreign Language University

    6 years working experience as a tour guide

  • Nancy Pu (English)

    Hello! I am Nancy and it is nice to meet you! I graduated from Xi'an International Studies University and majored in Tourism English. I received an English Tour Guide Certificate when I was still a student in 2007. In 2008 I came to Beijing and have worked as a tour guide for three years. I really love Chinese culture and I enjoy glad introducing my country to people from all over the world! Visiting China together with me will definitely be an unforgettable experience for you. See you in Beijing!

  • Ida Xia (English)

    Hi, this is Ida! Greetings from Global Easy Tour Team Beijing! As a native Beijinger, I graduated from Beijing Information and Technology University with a degree in business English in 2007, but even before graduating, I began leading tours in the Beijing area. I love to discuss Beijing's local culture with travelers from different places. I hope that during your short stay in Beijing you can, not only satisfy your eyes and stomach, but also experience real Chinese culture and travel back to the scenes of old Beijing!

  • Ben Hao (English)

    I am Shangbo Hao, English name Ben, as an English-speaking tour guide of 10years experience, holding senior guide licence issued by China national travel administration, is committed to providing a rich and colorful cultural experience, who is trying to bring guests comfortable and convenient service.

  • Tony Zhou (English)

    I am Tony, I worked as a professional tour guide in Beijing for more than 7 years,I always tell myself,your happyness is the most important.I will try my best to make you a happy tour in Beijing.Remember me ,this is Tony!

  • Xi'an

  • Ken Wang (Wang Lin)

    I graduated from Xi'an International Studies University where my major was English. I started to be an English-speaking tour guide when I was a junior student in the university. I liked this job very much from that time on. I think this is a good opportunity for me to communicate with tourists from all over of the world. I really want to spread the splendid Chinese culture and history to the whole world.

  • Jennifer Lu (Lu Qing)

    I know that there are many excellent guides everywhere. I am not sure whether I am one of them, but I believe I am on my way to becoming one of them. I am very proud of my hometown- Xi'an, and I sincerely hope I can leave the same impression with our guests: ancient capital, modern facilities, clean city, kind people; moreover, lovely guide.

  • Gloria Gao (Gao Lei)

    Being a tour guide is my first job after graduating from my university. Since I first I took this job, I love it deeply. This job brings me a lot of joy, excitement and achievement. My motto is "No sweat, no glory".

  • Winnie Yu (Yu Wenjie)

    Ever since I graduated from my university, I've been a tour guide in a travel agency. I have visited many places in China, but every time I am still excited and look forward to seeing new ones. I am very enthusiastic to introduce my hometown to each tourist, no matter where they are from. "Be good,do right" this is my slogan.

  • Tony Lei (Lei Mingwen)

    I graduated from my university two years ago, but I started to be a tour guide when I was in the last year of my study, three years of being a tour guide, I met a lot of tourists from different parts of the world, from different culture, at the same time i learned a lot from my people. Through introduction, history, stories about my hometown, I try to let people love my hometown. When I saw their smile on the face, warmly response to my introduction, I feel great and achievable about my job. My motto is "Do what you like, and like what you do."

  • Henry Hou (Hou Songlin)

    Started working as a local tour guide and National Tour guide over 10 years in China.

  • Guilin

  • Tony Lin (Lin Guigang)

    I was born on 30th, October in 1976 and graduated from Guang Xi University of Nationality in 2001. Having been an English tour guide for more than 5 years, I love to be a tour guide and would love to make friends with my guests. My aim is to be an excellent plus guide. I am an active person and full of energy, and like exercise and traveling.

  • Elena Huang (Huang Qingxiang)

    Graduated from Guangxi Teaching University in 2005, she has had an experience of guiding tourists for more 4 years; our clients are quite impressive of her active working attitude and her out-going personality. She says:" I like traveling, playing sports and cooking."

  • Sue Su (Su Lijun)

    I was born on 2nd, March 1985 and graduated from Guilin Institute of tourism in 2007. I have not been working very long but I love this job. I love to meet different people and learn from them. I speak clear English. I am knowledgeable and work hard to improve myself. I have good service attitude.

  • Teresa Deng (Deng Yanlin)

    I was born on30th, Sep. 1977 and graduated from the Hang Zhou Commercial Institute, majoring in tourist management. Good attitude. I like reading, traveling and playing badminton.

  • Shirley Li (Li Shanli)

    I was born on 2nd, November in 1980. After graduating from Guangxi Normal University in 2001, major in English, I started to work as an English speaking tour guide. Believing that experience comes from gathering, for the last few years of guiding, I have kept gathering experiences I think necessary: knowledge, professionalism, ability to communicate with different people and solve different problems, etc. I think now I am more mature and know how to be an excellent guide. I like singing and traveling.

  • Juli Zhu (Zhu Yufeng)

    I was graduated from Guilin Institute of tourism in 2003. After graduation, I began to be an English tour guide. I am an active person and I love my job. During my leisure time,I like traveling and playing table tennis.

  • Chris He (He Fei)

    Chris He has been working as a English-speaking guide for 9 years since he graduated from Guilin Institute of Tourism in 1999, major in English. She is an active girl who like dancing and communicating with people. and as an experienced tour guide, she believes that "try your best and then you will succeed", that is why in her career of tour guiding for nearly 10 years, she tried her best to be professional and careful in looking after her guests, their praises can make she happy for quite a long time. In her spare time, she likes swimming, listening music etc. Her English command is A-.

  • Angel Tang (Tang Qi)

    I was born on 5th, April in 1978. After graduating from Guilin Institute of Tourism, major in English, in 1998, I have worked as a tour guide for almost 10 years. I have met many clients from Hong Kong and English speaking countries. So I get rich experience to provide good service that our clients want. I like swimming and dancing.

  • Henry Li (Li Zhilin)

    I was graduated from Guilin Institute of tourism in 2006. After graduation, I began to be an English tour guide. I am knowledgeable and spoke English well. I am an active person like doing exercise.

  • Eastern China

  • Frank Ho (English)

    A retired translator and Expo volunteer now a tour guide , I recieved quite a lot of high appraisal letters from tourists after they went back and I'm happy to be their guide and will do well to better each time.

  • Wendy Ma (English)

    My English name is Wendy, which is from my Chinese name Wenli. I am optimistic and confident, which helps me to solve any emergent condition. I did get good feedbacks from foreign tourists when they went back home which offers me chances to service VIP people, getting back good words. The past few-year working experience offered me a good chance to give full play to my intelligence and diligence, which is important to be a professional tour guide. I will keep accumulating every aspect during my pastime through reading newspaper, watching movies and travelling around, which are my favorites.

  • Danny Wang (English)

    I was born in Shanghai. My major is Tourism Management in the university, I like traveling very much. So that's the reason I become a tour guide now. At the same time, I am proud of being a tour guide in Shanghai. Because can show everyone the beautiful face of my hometown. I am an active, polite, sincere, helpful and passionate boy with a gentle disposition. I take my work seriously and am painstaking, even under pressure. Other strengths include being organized and I have good communicative skills. My personality is ideally suited to an industry where I help people. And of course, I speak fluent English.

  • Tibet

  • Gyatso (English)

    I am Gyatso from Tibet Lhasa. I born in Lhasa. I finished my school from Tibet University. I have been a tour guide almost 9 years. for my guiding time in Tibet. I got full of experience about Tibetan History, Tibetan culture, Tibetan Buddhism, That's why you share my knowledge during yours stayed in Tibet.

  • Wangdu (English)

    English speaking Tibetan guide. I am Wangdu. I finished my school from Tibet University. But, after, finished my school. I was studying English Speaking course in Local English language school. I have been a tour guide almost 14 years. I am very proud to be your guide in Tibet. If I get chance to be your guide. I ready to introduce Tibetan culture, Buddhism, and so on.

  • Lhakdon (English)

    English speaking Tibetan guide. I am Lhakdon. I finished my Graduation from Tibet University. I have been tour guide almost eight years. I took tourist from whole over world. I get very nice experience. If you choose me,you will get beautiful time in Tibet.

  • Pasang (English)

    My name is Pasang, graduated from Tibet University in 1997 years, major in Tibetan history. I been as a guide since from graduation. I have experience of guiding tour in Tibet for more than 14 years. If you trust me, I will make you satisfied!

  • Yunnan

  • Banks Gao (Gao Yang)

    As a tour guide since 2005, I have met so many guests from North America, Euro and Southeast Asian counties. These guests made me more professional on my field. During these years, I lead my guests to enjoy nature, coulorful nationality people and different culture. All of these made them very happy to visit China.

  • Tessie Hu (Hu Kun)

    Hukun is my name, my English name is Tessie. I was born in 21Mar 1978.I graduated from Yunnan University in 2002, my major were English and Thai. After graduation, I have been working as an English Speaking tour guide till now. I guided many American ,European, Oceanic guests from many countries. I like my job, I am patient and kind.

  • Mike Zhang (Zhang Yanheng)

    Zhangyanheng is my name, my English name is Mike. I was born in 29 Mar 1976. I graduated from Yunnan University in 1998, my major was Economic Managerment. I can use English, Chinese and Cantonese to guide people. I guided many American, European, Oceanic guests from many countries. I like my job, I will do my best to work well.

  • Deng (Deng Fangkui)

    After graduated from college, I been teacher, tour guide and manager. Among these jobs, I like guiding the most, because it is more active and challenging; Futher more, you always sharing.

  • Sue Su (Su Zeli)

    I graduated from Yunnan Normal University and my major was tourism and English. When I studied in the university, I passed Tem 4 and tem 8.Because of the love to my major and LiJiang, I became a tour guide. I get a lot of improvements as a tour guide. Most of the groups I guide are from western countries, Southeast Asia and overseas Chinese.

  • Glenda Gu (Gu Qiuqiong)

    I am Gu Qiuqiong, my English name is Glenda. I was born on Sep 13th, 1974. I graduated from Shanghai Institute of Tourism in 1996. My major were English and Malay. I have been working as tour guide since 1996. I like travelling and love my job. I always try to make tourists have a relax and enjoyable tour with me.

  • Silk Road

  • Zhenzhen Hu (Hu Zhenzhen)

    As a mature, integrity, open-minded female, I have more than six years tour guide experience. Initiative, independent and good communication skill. Have positive work attitude and be willing and able to work diligently without supervision.

  • Kamil

    Kamil majored in the English language in university and teach English in Senior school for 8 years. He began to engage in tourism from 2001 and has rich experiences to service the tourists from all over the world. Nobody know history, geography, custom, population of Uighru people than him in Kashgar.

  • Abdurahman

    Abdurahman is majored in English in the university. From the second year of university, he started to pratice how to lead the tour groups and from the third year till now, he is working as tour guide in many agencies in Xinjiang. He has a tour guide license for China. Abdurhman is a very experienced tour guide and he knows a lot of about history of the area and culture of different ethinic groups. I am sure you will satisfied his service.

  • Lily Lee (English)

    My name is Lily. I graduated from Lanzhou university Gansu China 2003. I have been English guide 8 years. During the time I guided tour groups from 24 countries of the world to travell Gansu,Qinghai, Sichuang and so on. I learn a lot from them and they also know a lot about China, espicially northwestern region of China. I belive "the more you give, the more you get" .

  • Frank Feng (English)

    Frank is a graduate of Northwest Normal University, majored in English who was born and grown up in Lanzhou city, Gansu province, famous for Silk Road and the Yellow River in China. He loves traveling and reading, and he is also very knowledgeable about local conditions and customs, local people's ordinary living as well as religion culture and arts of local ethnic groups, especially in Tibetan Buddhism and Islam of Hui people. As tour guide, He has worked extensively with Gansu international travel service for many years, guiding many of VIP clients to travel in Gansu province along ancient Silk Road. During the traveling, He is very enthusiastic in helping anyone clients who need help. His enthusiasm, patience and excellent organizational skills make him especially adept at handling larger groups. Always innovative and striving to create that special experience for his clients, Frank has executed a variety of programs ranging from Tibetan village visiting to roast beef picnic as well as hiking in the grassland. As an avid outdoorsman, Frank is very fond of hiking, and general exploration and discovery. He also loves sharing various Chinese folk tales, and is always ready to answer your questions that you are interested in about Chinese history and culture. Clients love his positive attitude and outgoing personality. He is expecting your coming.

  • Rose Mao (English)

    My name is Rose. I'm a guide in Lanzhou . I like traveling, so I joined in tourism industry as an English tour guide in 2006. Interested in the custom of minorities especially the Tibetan custom. I have been to all the natural scenery and cultural relics of Qinghai and Gansu provinces. I know Tibetan custom and history of ancient Silk Road very well. As a tour guide, the final goal is giving the tourists satisfaction, we should provide good service for them. I know a special meaning of Service, it is made up of seven sentences: Smile; Excellence in our work; Reaching out to every customer; viewing every customer as special; Inviting our customer to return; Creating a warm atmosphere & Eye contact that shows care to customer.

  • William Lu (English)

    My name is Lu Jiman and English name is William. I graduated from Gansu Norht West Normal University. I worked as a guide for five years.

  • Shanxi

  • Benny (English)

    My name is Benny, English tour guide. It was due to my enthusiasm for tourism, I chose tour guide as my occupation finally. I graduated from North University of China. I'm familiar with Shanxi attractions, as well as Shanxi culture and history. A warmhearted tour guide.

  • Yao Maolin (English)

    Having been an English tour guide for more than 10 years, I love to be a tour guide and would love to make friends with my guests. I am knowledgeable and spoke English well. I am an active person like doing exercise.

  • Liao Jianping (English)

    My name is Liao Jianping, I graduated from Datong University in 2009, I majored in English and History during the university. I majored in history, so I can explain Chinese history very well to visitors, and almost all the scenic spots in Shanxi province are historical and cultural relics, so the good guide must be a history knowledgeable guide, so I am really fit for Shanxi province.

    I have guided many teams to Shanxi,and most of the comments that visitors have made for me just like these:she is a very nice guide, very flexible to arrange the plan and skill to make the tour on time;she is really helpful and knowledgeable,she can answers every question I ask;she is a sweet,she always smile to us....

  • Anna Liang (English)

    I am Anna graduated as an English major who have been a tour guide for more than 4 years. I chose to be an English speaking tour guide because I like travel and I love traditional Chinese culture. Once I work as a guide I can improve my English at the same time I can travel to learn what I am interested and introduce all these to my friends from afar who are also attracted by this ancient, civilized but also modernized country. So I am very proud to be a guide and I hope that with my best effort I can make all my friends from abroad their trip a unforgettable one.

  • Henan

  • Peter Wang (English)

    Peter Chinese name is Wang Zhao Guang, was born in 1942. Has been a full time tour guide for more than 30 years. Started to be an English interpreter and conduct tour groups in 1979, Most tourists are from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. In 2006 and 2009 Peter Wang had been selected as an advanced tour guide by Luoyang tourism developing committee. He has been praised as a good guide by the tourists from different countries.

  • Helen Pan (English)

    I'm Pan lili from Luoyang,central China. My English name is Helen. Since 2004, I began working as an English speaking guide. It's an interesting job but tired job, but it will make you feel happy and knowledgeable. I like my job.

  • Shaopu Lee (English)

    I have been engaged in the tourism industry more than twenty years. I really like this job, and always regard the guests as friends, often tell them some knowledge about Chinese folk customs and cultural background. Hope that through my service will enable foreign tourists to better understand China.

  • Inner Mongolia

  • Meg (English)

    My name is Meg and have been a tour guide since graduated from 2006. I love to meet different people and learn from them. I speak clear English. During my leisure time,I like traveling and playing table tennis.

  • Angell (English)

    My name is Angell Wang, I started to work as an English speaking tour guide from 2006. I believe that "try your best and then you will succeed". I tried my best to be professional and careful in looking after my guests, their praises can make me happy for quite a long time.

  • Harbin

  • Job Zhao (English)

    I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Harbin, the "ice city"-- called this name as the winter is the travel season for Harbin. I majored in the English language and worked for an international language school. In addition to leading tours, he also teaches English classes for Heilongjiang Tourism Training Center.

  • Eric Cheng (English)

    Cheng guoming, Eric in English, graduated from Heilongjiang University and majored in English. He has worked as an English tour guide for over 5 years and always gets great feedback. And also, he has rich experience of being a national guide and international tour leader.

  • Edward Pei (English)

    Hi! I'm Edward. Now being an undergraduate student majoring in both English and Law, I have been an English Tour Guide for over two years and still have a great passion for tour guiding. I am proficient in English communicating and have a good understanding of all scenic spots in Harbin. Besides, I was a ski instructor in 2010, I like skiing very much. In a word: Welcome to Harbin! and I will do my best to make sure you'll have a pleasant journey in harbin.

  • Shania Sun (English)

    Chinese Name: Sun shang yi; English Name: Shania; University: Heilongjiang Travel Management College Major: Travel and hotel management; Education: 2002-2005 College Of Travel management;

    2006 -2007Japanese language institute; 2008-2009 High bird international institute

    Social Activities: 2007 To Japanese business tour activities volunteer

    2010 Friendly in Shenzhen city in the conference activities Reception personnel

    Work experience: 2007-2008 Shanghai LongDengFeng All sweet hotal Receptionist

    2004-2011 Part-time as a tour guide

    Hobbies: Internet-surfing, Reading and Travel

  • Chengdu

  • Du (Du Xin)

    Hi! Welcome to Chengdu, the panda's hometown. I am Du and I am very glad to be your guide. I am responsible for every tourist, and you can feel comfortable holidays during your travelling in Chengdu. My footprints covers Sichuan, Kham, Lhasa, Qinghai, Guiling and other interesting places. Next one is you!

  • Jennifer

    Life is a chain of moments of enjoyment, not only about survival. Hi! I'm Jennifer. I believe "While there is life, there is hope. A smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks".

  • Chengde

  • Linda Li (English)

    I graduated from ChengDe university in 1991,and major in English. After graduated,I worked as a tour guide in CTS ChengDe Branch. After 2005 I work in ChengDe FITS. I enjoy my job,it is a good oppor tunity for me to CommuniCate with tourists from different Countries. I want to be a bridge for the culture exchange. Welcome to ChengDe,here you will experience the peaceful life of the local people.

  • Lily Xie (English)

    I graduated from ChengDe university in 1991,and major in English. After graduated,I was arranged to work at the sales department of YunShan Hotel. But I would like to be a tourguide, so I took the exam at the end of 1995,and I got the certificate the next year. I enjoy my job very much, because it is a good chance for me to meet people frmo different Countries. Welcome to ChengDe, here you will learn more about Chinese Culture and Chinese history.

  • Mt.Lushan

  • Coby Gui (English)

    My name is Coby,Chinese name is Gui Pinghui,I have worked as a English guide for 6 years.I guided many countries tourists.I am patient and love my job very much. I am easy going,and I like to communicate with others and make friends. I had been to Northern Europe as a tour leader too.

    Welcome to JiangXi.

  • Fei Ruan (English)

    I've graduated from Jiangxi Universtiy of finance and economics in 2000. So I have been doing the tour guide job for over 10 years. During this 10 years, I've learned a lot from my job.I've improved my people skills, English level and beacme mature and wide mind.Also benifeted a lot from my job too, I used to work in Tibet for 2 yeas and got title of "outstanding aiding Tibet tour guide" twice in 2003 and 2004.In 2005, I got " top tour guide in national wide" by CNTA. I love this job,because my job has became my teacher, my friend and port of my life.

Global Easy Tour Team is looking for experienced tour operators who can manage and organize tour packages in Mainland China and SE Asia; such as making tour proposals, securing lodging, guides, sightseeing activities etc. 

Inbound Tour Operator

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Work closely with sales team/rep to understand clients travel needs and all specific trip requirements as agreed during the trip-planning stage with clients.
  • Efficiently manage trip-related logistic bookings such as reservations for hotels, vehicle, guides, and sightseeing activities.
  • Prepare the client-ready, trip pre-departure document that contains the latest itinerary, guide and hotel contacts, trip-specific information and tips. 
  •  Make sure that all travel arrangements run according to plan and that accommodation, meals and service are satisfactory.
  • Respond to and manage emergencies and any problems that arise during a trip, such as a change of flight/train schedule, tracing lost baggage, and a change of guide or vehicle, etc. 
Skills and Specifications

  • Detail-oriented. Good communication skills.
  •  Excellent customer-care skills are extremely necessary.
  • Ability to be calm and productive under extremely high pressures.
  • Good inter-personal skills to work with all types of people from sales people, guides, drivers to local vendors.
  • Able to use computers and various software programs: performing related administrative tasks, such as processing paperwork, maintaining files and  working comfortably both independently and within a team.
  •  1-2 years related industry experience is needed. 

 Outbound Senior Associate

Key responsibilities

  • Conduct primary and secondary research to develop Global Easy Tour SE Asia programs
  • Understand requirements of clients and provide customized travel solutions
  • Manage a project and execute operations of a program  

  • Undergraduate degree
  • Passionate about China culture and/or China geography
  • Excellent spoken and written English skills (Level 6 or above)
  • Good command of computer skills (Microsoft Office skills)
  • Strong interpersonal skills; ability to work with, coordinate and function in an cross-cultural environment
  • Proactive working style, accountable, customer-oriented and well organized
  • Track record of leadership in school activities or previous internships / positions (Preferable)
  • Good working experience in reserving air ticket by Abacus or Eterm system (Preferable)
  • With 1-2 years travel industry working experience (Preferable)
Interested parties must submit a full resume, and an English writing sample of 250 to 350 words: the suggested topic being "My favorite place in China and how I would introduce it to my best friend". Submit this to Global Easy Tour's recruiter, Ms.Yue Lee, through e-mail at beijing@globaleasytour.com.
(Applicants who are not invited for interviews within six weeks may consider their applications unsuccessful. All personal data from unsuccessful candidates will be destroyed after 6 months)