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Laos is a land of mystery. It’s a land steeped in Buddhist traditions and beliefs. Only slightly over six million people inhabit this country of Buddhist temples, mountains and forests. The Mekong River is the center of life for most Laotians. Saffron-robed monks peacefully gather morning alms as the first rays of sun spill out onto the Mekong. Reds and blues of a hand-woven silk scarf flap in the breeze. Green jungle stretches as far as the eye can see. The golden hues of sunrise, sunset, and the glistening Wats capture your attention.. Here, you will have a rare opportunity to interact with delightful, spiritual people who have had little contact with the outside world.
Tour Code:GET-SE-0701
Beijing / Kunming / Vientiane / LuangPrbang / Vientiane / Kunming / Beijing
After years of war and isolation, Southeast Asia’s most pristine environment, intact cultures and quite possibly the most chilled-out people on earth, mean: destination Laos. Village life is refreshingly simple and even in Vientiane it’s hard to believe this sort of languid riverfront life exists in a national capital. Then, of course, there is the historic, royal city of Luang...
Tour Code:GET-SE-1003
Beijing/Hanoi / Ho Chi Minh City / Mekong Delta / Siem Reap / Luang Prabang / Hanoi/Beijing
Discover Southeast Asia's most dynamic countries with this Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos tour. Your journey begins in Ho Chi Minh City where the modern office buildings and brightly lit streets reflect the rapidly developing economy of this progressive country. However, as you tour the city, the deeply rooted culture and traditions of the Vietnamese people are unveiled. Enjoy a day...
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